How to Play?
  1. Register for FREE using your mobile number.
  2. Select the topic of your interest and start answering.
  3. Win coins for the correct set of answers.
  4. Exchange your coins from time to time for exciting offers. Also, you stand a chance to win prizes depending on your performance against other players.
What are Coins?
Coin is mChamp’s currency. There is no limit to the number of coins you can earn.
How can I earn more coins?
  1. Answer the maximum number of question sets correctly.
  2. Try your luck at the spin wheel.
  3. Refer friends using your referral code.
  4. Complete of the tasks assigned as part of daily goal.
How can I redeem these coins?
  1. Click on the redeem option.
  2. Browse through the offers available from time to time with applicable terms and conditions.
  3. Use your coin balance to redeem.
How can I be a top ranker?
Fastest correct answers to the maximum number of question sets will make you a Top Ranker.
Where can i view my rank?
Go to Leaderboard > Ranking
How do I check if I have won any gifts/prizes ?
Go to Leaderboard > Winners