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  • You can start at the mChamp Home page.

  • mChamp offers you Multiple Categories with different Contests to Play.

  • Choose the Catagory >> Choose a Contest you wish to play. Just click on the Contest to get started.

  • Each contest will have Multiple questions.

  • The questions may or may not have Hint or 50:50 option depending on the difficulty of the question.

  • Each Question is timer based and you will need to answer within the specific time limit otherwise question will be skipped.

  • You can resume the contest but if the question which you were playing was timer based then question will be skipped.

  • You can earn COIN(S) daily from each Contest.Contests are divided into 3 categories based on level of Difficulty. Play Normal Contests in Green color to earn 1 coin/day.Play Medium Contests in Blue color to earn 2 scoin/day.Play Difficult Contests in Red color to earn 3 coin/day

  • Coins that you earn for the contests currently live are shown as Coins on the Top left corner of the Home page.

  • You can click on the "More" Icon to see the the Winners Gallery.

  • You can click on the "My Score" Icon to see Your Personal mChamp Score & the over all mChamp Leader Board.

  • Click "Redeem" button on Home Page and at End of each contest screen, to Redeem the Coins, that you have earned, to avail exciting offers.

Winners are selected by an Automated Computer system. You are eligible to win all prizes multiple times.

    Daily Prize!
  • Eligibility: Player must earn minimum 50 coins in a day.

  • 40 Players to win our Daily Recharge of Rs.10/each EVERY DAY.

  • Weekly Prize!
  • Eligibility: Player must earn minimum 300 coins in a week.

  • 2Lucky winners get a chance to win Gift coupon worth Rs.1000/each EVERY WEEK.

  • 3 Lucky Players to win Gift coupons worth Rs.500/each EVERY WEEK.

  • 5 Lucky Players to win Paytm worth Rs.100/each EVERY WEEK.

  • Even More Prizes!

  • Details of Prizes for City Specific Contests may vary from time to time. Specific details are available as Prize image in respective City Specific Contest.

  • Special Items, Gift & Hamper can also be won as prizes in Special Contests.

  • Redemption! Play regularly to earn Coins. Use these coins to REDEEM for exciting offers. For Example:- You can easily earn 500 coins in 7 days and redeem for Rs. 20 / Recharge when ever you want!

  • Earn More and More COINS to increase your chances to win Bumper Prize to Meet with your favorite Bollywood or Sports Celebrity!

For any further clarification, email us at hello@mchamp.com OR
Call our Customer Care number- 7838071733 (10 Am to 6pm on week days)
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