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How to Play?

mChamp is simple & easy to play. Select a category to Play>>Select a contest to play>>Answer questions correctly to earn coins>> Redeem Coins for exciting offers! For Further Information you can View "Help" tab on contest play screen.

What are these Coins?

Depending on the number of Questions in each contest; you earn COIN(s),when you answer 1 or 2 questions correctly in that contest. These are collected as your Coins, in the top left corner of Home page. These Coins can be Redeemed for exciting offers.

How many points do I need to win Daily or Weekly Prize?

On mChamp different prizes have different eligibility criteria.For full detailed information on Prize Eligibility, you can View "Help" tab on contest play screen.

How can I be a Top Ranker?

Play mChamp Daily to earn maximum Coins.Contests are divided into 3 categories based on level of Difficulty. Play Normal Contests in Green color to earn 1 coin/day.Play Medium Contests in Blue color to earn 2 scoin/day.Play Difficult Contests in Red color to earn 3 coin/day

I answer all the questions correctly; still I have not won anything. Why?

All winners are chosen by an automated computer system.It helps to play regularly. Also refer next point.

I have around 233 Coins but still never won a single prize....

All winners are declared by an automated computer system, The Coins you earn can be used to avail exciting offers, whenever you want!

I play the game regularly always without fail but still I never won....why not me?

All winners are chosen by an automated computer system . Play as many contests as you like regularly to earn maximum Coins. You can always use the coins you earn to Redeem exciting offers! For Example You can earn 500 coins within 7 days, and redeem them for Rs. 20 recharge every week! You also have a chance to win lots of prizes in the new version of mChamp. Update to the New Version from playstore (If not already done.) and for full detailed information on Prize Eligibility, you can View "Help" tab on contest play screen.

How Can I Redeem These Coins?

Follow these simple steps -- Click 'Redeem' Tab on Home page or at the end of every contest screen; view all offers, must review Terms and Conditions of Redemption and of each offer before you confirm your redemption choice.

How will I know when I win?

Daily/Weekly/Winners of Meet & Greet Prizes are visible in the Winners Gallery and Our Customer Care Executives may get in touch with you via Phone or E-mail.

How can I Show my winnings to my friends ?

All Recent Prizes Winner’s name and profile picture will be shown in Winner's Gallery. Click >More on Home page>>Winner Gallery>>Click on Down Arrow, to see different winning catagories. You can also share your Winnings on your FaceBook Page from time to time.

How can I connect to your Facebook page?

Go to the top Right hand corner on home page, Click More >> "Follow us" Like us on Facebook/ Follow Us on Twitter/ Follow Us on Instagram.

How to share mChamp with contacts?

Go to the top Right hand corner on home page, Click More >> "Share" via Whats app/ Google/Twitter.

What kind of prizes are there?

Our Regular prizes include:

  • Anyone Can Redeem their Collected Coins, with Offers.

  • Daily Prize:
  • Player must earn minimum 50 coins in a day to be eligible for daily Prize.
  • 40 Lucky players to get Recharge worth Rs.10/each, every day.

  • Weekly Prize:
  • Player must earn minimum 300 coins in a week to be eligible for Weekly Prize.
  • 2 Lucky Winners to get Gift Coupon worth Rs. 1000/each.
  • 3 Weekly Winners to get Gift Coupon worth Rs. 500/each.

  • 5 Weekly Winners to get Paytm worth Rs. 100/each.

  • City Specific Prize:
  • Details of Prizes for City Specific Contests may vary from time to time. Specific details are available as Prize image in respective City Specific Contest.
  • We have occasional Surprise Contests and prizes for that particular contest may vary, from Gift Coupons, Gift Hampers or even Gift Items.

  • Contest Specific Prize:
  • 5 Player of Show wiz Category Contests recieve couples Movie Tickets, worth Rs. 250/each every Week.
  • Various Celebrity contests are organized with a Meet & Greet Opportunity with the Celebrity.
  • mChamp also offers, as Prize, Once in a life time opportunity to Meet with Bollywood Stars and Sports Celebrities.

How Will I get the offer coupons that I select to Redeem ?

Our Customer Care Executives will send you your redeemed coupons on Email and via SMS.

Can I exchange a winning coupon for cash?

No Prize can be exchanged for a Cash equivalent as per Rules of mChamp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Can this contest not be in Hindi?

We now has some contests in Hindi Text also.

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